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10 Top Cord Blood Banks

Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has been following the cord blood industry since 1998. We just issue reports once at regular intervals, since it is extremely hard to aggregate a precise report. In this table, the entirety of the inventories either originate from investor reports of open organizations or direct meetings with organization officials. We don’t acknowledge stock numbers or “Top 10” claims from public statements.

Top 10 Cord Blood Banks

  1. CBR, a California Cryobank Co.
  2. Global Cord Blood Corp
  3. Viacord
  4. Cordlife Group
  5. FamiCord Group
  6. Cryo-Save
  7. VcanBio (Union Stem Cell)
  8. LifeCell*
  9. Medipost (CellTree)
  10. Vita 34

How Their Services Work

There is no single plan of action that overwhelms the Top 10 banks: Some of them solidify their preparation in a solitary lab, while others utilize various labs. Some are dynamic in a solitary country and others are worldwide. There are banks whose development has been expanded by numerous acquisitions, yet additionally, banks that have developed naturally. For a portion of these banks, the capacity of cord tissue contributes fundamentally to their all-out stock. None of the banks have noteworthy commitments from cord blood units given to the open stock.

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Total Inventory Number

The all-out stock in the Top 10 Banks is more than 4 million units of cord blood and cord tissue. By examination, the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation gauges that the all-out stock of all family cord blood banks far and wide is over 6.75 million. Henceforth over 60% of the world’s secretly banked infant stem cells are overseen by these 10 organizations.

In the course of recent years, there have been numerous reports of combinations in the cord blood industry. Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation finds that the quantity of operational family cord blood banks has just dropped by about 10% and is still near 200 research facilities around the world. There has been a clearing union in the responsibility for, with more banks joining banking “Gatherings”. At the point when a bank joins a gathering, they normally close all their worldwide showcasing workplaces that contended with the gathering, and a few people have misjudged the enormous drop in advertising workplaces as drop-in “banks”.

Nowadays, a cord blood bank must have a stock of more than 200 thousand to go after a spot among the Top 10 Banks, and as these driving banks develop that limit will go up.